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Owner Lessons

Lesson programs for horse owners are developed with the client’s long term goals in mind. Every client and horse combination start at a different place. Rider/horse ‘couples’ have different personalities. Each learns in different ways. Your riding education will be developed and changed as your skills as a team develop and change. Owner feedback and involvement are crucial to learning. We offer private, two person lessons and small group instruction for our owners. Most clients utilize more than one type of instruction.

Our goal is not to make you look pretty so you can sit on a trained horse at a horse show and gradually use up the horse until you need to by another one. We want you to develop the skill set needed to continually improve your horse. We want you to be able to bring along a young horse. In short, we want you to really learn how to ride and train. This may not be the quickest path to immediate ribbons — it is the long path which will give you a lifetime of communication with and enjoyment of horses. If you desire to compete, the ribbons will come, and you will build a foundation to progress through the divisions with success. We look forward to helping you become the best horseman you can be.

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Extra Lessons Pricing
  • A second weekly lesson package of equal or lesser value receives a 20% discount. Any additional weekly lesson packages of equal or lesser value receive a 25% discount.
  • Individual Extra Lessons are billed at the Monthly Package Rate divided by 4.5.
  • If you wish to have an absence made up as a training ride we will charge the difference between the prices of the two services.